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OKAYBEEFARMS is a livestock farming business that is committed to snail farming and snail

meat processing and packaging for both the Nigerian market and the global market. We will

also ensure that we operate a standard food processing plant as part of our complimentary

business offering.

We are in the snail farming line of business to make profits and ensure red meat consumption is

cut to a minimum for a healthy society to live in.

* Sarah Rock - Founder of Erato

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to become one of the leading snail farming company not just in Nigeria but the world at large

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make readily available our produce (live snails), and processed snail meat in commercial quantities both locally, nationally and internationally. We want to build a snail farming business that will become the pacesetter for snail farming business in Nigeria.

What Makes Us Different

We are unique as we incorporate crop farming alongside snail farming business for the purpose of maximizing profits. We have decided to explore all the opportunities within this line of business to achieve our corporate goals and objectives.

In essence we are not going to rely only on the sale of our live snail and processed snail meat to generate income for the business but also other business interests within the value chain.

OkayBee Farms
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